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Rehab construction preserves the character-defining features of a building while bringing it up to a preferable manner of living. This type of construction is beneficial for many types of properties such as multi-family residences, retail buildings, and office space.

Buildings with historical or special features are good candidates for rehab construction. It allows for those features to remain in the spotlight, while improving the rest of the building so it is usable and more attractive.


R & L Construction works with the client from the beginning of the project until the project is completed to their satisfaction. From planning and ensuring the proper permits are in place to making creative suggestions, the R & L Construction team guides the property owner through the process.

R & L is committed to providing our clients with consistent, quality services, which are recognized as contributing factors towards the operational successes of our customers.  We will continuously work to improve our processes through customer data, workforce development, and self-evaluation. With these commitments, we will seek to develop, maintain, and enhance our recognition in the building service industry as an invaluable partner, thereby leading to growth opportunities and an improved marketplace position.

R & L was founded in 2005 with the understanding that our company’s success would rely upon our ability to produce a consistently high-quality product day-in and day-out.   R & L provides complete Janitorial and Handyman services. Currently, we are servicing over 2 million square feet of facility and office space throughout the state of Illinois.

The R & L team provides commercial electrician services including building code consultation, upgrades, conversions, project management and more.  From planning through project completion the R & L team is on time and on budget. R & L has been a commercial electrical contractor in Illionois since 2005. It is our mission to provide you with an exceptional customer service experience along with a competitive cost. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to exceed expectations.

As part of our full-service capabilities we provide the following Landscaping Services:

We provide the following Snow Removal Services:


For building owners looking to improve the usefulness and condition of a building, without worrying about changing the building’s characteristics, Building R & L can renovate the space. Renovations can include repairing, altering, and adding to a property to accomplish this.


Multi-family buildings are regularly in need of renovation due to the steady flow of tenants.  Improvements to a multi-family or apartment building attract a higher quality of tenants and allow for the management to increase rent.


Often, renovating a building deals with restoring parts that might have been damaged by water, fire, wind or mold. The team at R & L is equipped to handle the clean-up and construction process to restore the building to its full potential.

Tenant Improvement

In commercial settings, when a new lease is formed, as part of that agreement the building owner makes customized alterations to the rental space as needed for the tenant. This can be anything from the walls, floors, ceilings, lighting and more.


Different tenants will need the building altered to fit different purposes whether it be a retail space, office setting, or something else. R & L can make these alterations a reality within the budget set forth by the building owner, and the specifications of the tenant needs.

From design to finish, our experienced estimators, project managers and licensed electricians provide the expertise to ensure your electrical project completes on time and up to electrical code.


We understand that service interruptions are an inconvenience and cost you productivity, so we focus on providing expedient electrical services to get you back online as soon as possible without risking the safety of your valuable electrical equipment.

Some of the electrical services we provide are:


R & L  Plumbers specializes in providing commercial and industrial full-service plumbing repairs and new installation of all types of plumbing systems, including sewer and drain cleaning. We are here to provide expert service for your restaurant, store, office, hospital, apartment complex, office space, church, hotel, or any other commercial building. We have the knowledge, experience, and trained plumbing team capable of quickly evaluating the necessary work and accomplishing the task at hand in a top level professional plumbing contractor manner.

We are available for all your plumbing issues. Our trucks and team are ready to get over to you before you’re seriously impacted by whatever problem unexpectedly arises in your buildings or property. Our operators are on the phones and we pride ourselves on being the go-to commercial plumbing pros that the Chicago area depends on. There is no problem that we have not seen before, we incorporate all modern technology, and our trained plumber team is second to none.

Our commercial plumbing services